There is one God.

God is three Persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Trinity is the name for the three persons in one God.

Jesus is God the Son.


The human person is a creature composed of body and soul and made in the image and likeness of God.


Jesus teaches us that if we follow His example we will be happy forever in heaven. Heaven is unending happiness with God and all who love God. If we show love for God, ourselves, and others, we will be happy together in heaven when our life on earth is over.


Saints are people who have died, but while they were alive, they were great followers of Jesus. We honor the saints and pray that they will watch over us from heaven.


Mary is the mother of Jesus. From the first moment of her life, Mary was filled with grace. We call Mary our mother, too. Mary loves and cares for us in heaven. Mary is our greatest saint.


Even today, we are part of the communion of saints. The communion of saints is the community of all those living and dead, who believe in Jesus Christ. They are the Family of God. People who believe in Jesus Christ gather together as a group or community called a Church or Parish. The building they go to is also called a church.


Baptism is a sacrament of welcome into the Church. We are baptized with water. Through Baptism

we are cleansed of original sin, receive sanctifying grace, and become members of the Church or Family of God.


Worship is giving honor and praise to God. We worship God when we pray.

We pray together at church. The name of the building where we gather is Saint Margaret Mary Church or Parish. The leader of our church is the priest in charge or the pastor – Father Dolan


PRAYERS TO KNOW – Sign of The Cross

                                      The Lords’ Prayer